Celebration of Hindi Diwas

 Celebration of Hindi Diwas

Hindi Hain Hum

Vatan Hai Hindustan Hamara



            These lines were echoed in the premises of the MGN College of Education, while celebrating ‘Hindi Diwas’. Student of the college, Priya while speaking about the historical background of the national language which got this status in 1949, said it a chain to link the culture and heritage with the people.  Nandini and Jeevan through their poems emphasised that Hindi is a language of respect that all the Indians from different regions need to understand. Pooja reflected on the global importance of Hindi as a National language. Rachna informed various blogs and websites for learning Hindi so that we could not forget the national language in the era of technology. Through a documentary, the expansion and legislative importance of Hindi was being depicted. Meenu spoke about the relevance of hindi in modren era.

            While speaking on the ocassion, Principal Mrs Neelu Jhanji said that language is not only the mode of communication, it is also the medium to understand the culture of a Country. She also appealed the Indians, especially the would be teachers to shatter the chains of dependence on the foreign language to preserve and respect the spiritual and cultural heritage of the nation.

            The stage was conducted by Neha Sharma. The entire event was organized by Ms Arpita Sood. Amongst others, Dr.Radha Arora, Dr.Meharban Singh, Dr.Ravjeet Kaur, Dr.Pooja Bhardwaj, Mrs.Gurpreet Kaur, Dr. Pooja Arora, Dr.Seema Rani, Mrs.Shivani Gulati, Mrs.Geetanjali Mittu, Ms.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Daljeet Sheetak, Mrs.Sharan, Mr.Aman Singh, Ms.Gaganpreet Kaur, Ms.Sakshi Sharma, Mr.Maninder Pal Singh, Ms.Jaspreet Kaur, Dr. Viplove Kundra, Mrs Sunayana Thakur and Ms.Jasleen Kaur, witnessed the entire event.

Posted on : 14 / Sep / 2017