Tiranga March


          As per the directions of N.S.S. Directorate, New Delhi, N.S.S. Unit of M.G.N. College of Education, Jalandhar celebrated 70th Independence Day by organizing “Tiranga March”. This event got started with the address of B.K. Vinod Kumar Ji, from Braham Kumari Aashram, Jalandhar, who spoke on “Nationalism”. While speaking he stressed that the land of India is being made pious by the God Himself as its soil consists of 18 micronutrients along with the 85000 various types of flora. This land of India has the special blessing of Sun’s heat and warmth that is why more than 2000 crops are being harvested on this land. So we should be proud of being Indian. During his talk, B.K. Rajinder Bhai Ji motivated the students to contribute positively in the nation’s progress.

          The lecture was followed by the mass National Anthem, wherein the guests, all the faculty members and students recited the national Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ with full patriotic feelings. Soon after the National Anthem, all the students and teachers of the college headed for Trianga March with National Flag and Patriotic Slogans in the city, which was being escorted by the University Merit Position holders of B.Ed. Sem.-II Sakshi, Amita, Saavi, Rachana, Sonia and Khushboo. All the teachers also accompanied the march. This event was co-ordinated by Mrs Daljeet Sheetak under the supervision of Dr.Radha Arora and Dr.Ravjeet Kaur. On this occasion, B.K. Krishna Ji, B.K. Veena Ji and Yoga teacher, Mrs.Anudeep also graced the event. Amongst others Dr.Meharban Singh, Dr.Sushil Kumar Singh, Dr.Pooja Bhardwaj, Mrs.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Shivani Gulati, Mrs.Geetanjali Mittu, Ms.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Daljeet Sheetak, Mrs.Sharan, Mr.Aman Singh, Ms.Gaganpreet Kaur, Ms.Sakshi Sharma, Mr.Maninder Pal Singh, Ms.Arpita Sood, Ms.Preeti, Ms.Reetika, Ms.Jaspreet Kaur and Ms.Pooja Jaswal witnessed the event.


Posted on : 22 / Aug / 2016