Student Enrichment Programme-II

 Student Enrichment Programme

Under the Student Enrichment Programme, a series of Extension Lectures was organised in the premises of M.G.N. College of Education, Jalandhar. In this series, the lecture was delivered by Dr. Surinder Kumar Sharma, Assistant Prof., International Center for Distance Education & Open Learning, H.P University, Shimla. While speaking, he explained the concepts of Learning & Motivation. He further said that teaching and Learning are two way proceses, in which active involvement of both teacher and student is must. He also explained the importance and role of Teaching Models and elaborated different teaching models. First he explained about Executive model which is a teacher oriented model in which learners are dependent on teacher .Next he explained Therapist model where learner is active and teacher plays the role of a facilitator, which includes Discovery Learning, Co-operative Learning. Third Model, that he explained was Librationist Model, where learner take the responsibility for their development and teacher works as catalyst. He also suggested Models for learners viz Acquisition model and Participation model. He further appealed that in today’s scenario conscious teachers are needed not subconscious or unconscious teachers.
In this series, the next speaker was Dr. Kuldeep Singh Katoch, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education, ICDEOL, H.P. University Shimla, he spoke on the topic “Effective Classroom Teaching”. While speaking, he emphasized that for learning to take place learning environment and learning situations should be congenial. While giving the basic assumptions of teaching and learning, he focused to consider the individuality of the learner, covering all the three domains of human behaviour and application of  the knowledge. He emphasized that every child is creative, unique and has emotional intelligence. He also suggested some of the effective ways of teaching like Inductive Method and hierarchical learning corresponding to different topics from different subjects.

On this ocassion, Principal Mrs.Neelu Jhanji gave  a floral welcome to the resource persons. Mrs. Daljeet Sheetak conducted the stage. Amongst others Dr.Meharban Singh, Dr. Pooja Bhardwaj, Mrs.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Shivani Gulati, Mrs.Geetanjali Mittu, Ms.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Sharan, Mr.Aman Singh, Ms.Gaganpreet Kaur, Mrs.Sakshi Sharma, Ms.Jaspreet Kaur, Mr.Maninder Pal Singh, Ms. Arpita Sood, Dr. Viplove Kundra, Ms. Jasleen Kaur, Ms. Taranpreet Kaur, & Mrs. Sunayna Thakur witnessed the event.    Dr. Radha Arora and Dr. Ravjeet Kaur coordinated the whole programme.

Posted on : 27 / Jul / 2017