Literacy Day


           Literacy Club of M.G.N. College of Education celebrated International Literacy Day in the College Campus. On this day members of the club, through different speeches, poems and documentaries highlighted the relevance of Literacy day. Navneet reflected on the ‘Importance, World Literacy Day’. Harpreet through her speech threw light on the key issues and concerns behind celebration of Literacy Day. Navneet, Vaishali and Vasudha through their poem showed their views regarding need of literacy. Through different documentaries, the growth of education in India from ancient to medieval and modern period and the landmark policies and institutions of the country were depicted and also the students were motivated for contributing significantly in spreading education.

          Speaking on the occasion, Acting Principal Mrs.Neelu Jhanji, appealed the would be teachers to deal with positivism to increase the literacy rate in our country for making the dream of developed India a reality. She also said that literacy is not only the learning of mere alphabets but also the capability to adjust in the environment. Ranjana conducted the stage. The entire event was organized by Dr Ravjeet Kaur, Co-ordinator Literacy Club. Amongst others, Dr.Radha Arora, Dr.Meharban Singh, Mrs.Aarti Nanda, Dr.Sushil Kumar Singh, Dr.Pooja Bhardwaj, Mrs.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Shivani Gulati, Mrs.Geetanjali Mittu, Ms.Gurpreet Kaur, Mrs.Daljeet Sheetak, Mrs.Sharan, Mr.Aman Singh, Ms.Gaganpreet Kaur, Ms.Sakshi Sharma, Mr.Maninder Pal Singh, Ms.Arpita Sood, Ms.Preeti, Ms.Reetika, Ms.Jaspreet Kaur and Ms.Pooja Jaswal witnessed the entire event. 


Posted on : 08 / Sep / 2016