MGN College of Education has completed 56 years in the pursuit of education process. In these fifty years (Estd. 1955), the institution has worked with dedication to prepare teachers of Quality. Golden Jubilee celebrations organized for one week from December 10 to December 17, 2006 marked the celebrations. To commemorate the occasion of golden jubilee a souvenir was released to record this historic event of the institution. Golden jubilee in the life of an institution itself speaks of its standing, it got substantiated by NAAC accreditation with B++ grade in the year 2005.

At this juncture, the institute has two fold challenges; challenge of sustaining and improving Quality, and challenge of resource generation in view of the policy of the government to privatize the institutions of Higher Education. 

 In the present social and economic milieu, Quality is the key word; Quality in classroom teaching, Quality in institutional programmes, Quality in our own social, professional and personal lives. So, there is a need to reorient understanding about the relevance of our roles as teacher educators and teacher education institutions. Quality of life depends on quality of education, that is why it is said that the teachers, who impart education, are nation builders. In this context, importance of teacher educators and education programmes meant for preparing school teachers can be better understood.

                In schools, children enter at a tender age of 4-5 years and continues upto the age of 17-18 years, the most receptive and formative stage. Development of their understanding regarding social and physical environment, acquisition of life skills and their character formation are the major objectives of school education. Impact of teachers’ knowledge, skill and attitude is definitely the most crucial input in the all round development of the child. More so, the responsibility become more crucial when students are to be prepared for competitive and increasingly dynamic society. The requirement of quality teachers is at the top today who can bear these multifarious responsibilities along with providing a meaningful direction and stability to the fractured society.

               Teachers with focused vision with wider knowledge base and sharpened competencies is the need of the day. Above all, society need teachers who demonstrate national character, who not only have commitment towards one’s personal and professional life, but also exhibits commitment towards learners, profession, society and above all excellence. Quality/Excellence cannot come in our tasks untill and unless we are involved in our professional duties to such an extent that the issues to improve stay with us even when we are not in the institution. Once a teacher, always a teacher, everywhere a teacher. Teacher has to have a attitude to improve -  improve students, improve institution, improve society rather than "attitude to criticize and complain". This gives happiness, enjoyment and above all internal satisfaction, which is a must to develop TEACHERHOOD amongst us.

            In the present scenario, wherein privatization is taking deep roots, only quality teachers and quality institution can survive. Teacher preparation does not end with examination but it continues till one is eager to learn and improve.This is more relevant in the context of implementation of CCE programme in education. Future is yours and I wish that you deliver the best possible and keep burning the urge to become better and better.     

Dr Amit Kauts