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After annexation of the Punjab in 1849, the Sikhs had to step down from the pedestal of their political glory. In the wake of this event, the invasion of the western culture and ideas that followed weaned the Sikhs from their social, moral and cultural traditions. All this, in itself, was a challenge to those who took pride in the Sikh ethos. Moreover, the D.A.V. movement by the Arya Samaj and the Aligarh movement challenged the Sikhs to wake up and do something to broaden the mental horizons of the younger generation. Education, they were convinced, was the best tool to effect desired transformation. As a result, a crop of Khalsa schools and colleges sprang up at various places, courtesy, the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Unit. One such unit was formed at Montgomery now in Pakistan. Of its office bearers, Sardar Hukam Singh, the distinguished Speaker of the Lok sabha and later Governor, Rajasthan and Bhai Gobind Singh Pasricha - the founder architect of the whole complex of the Montgomery Guru Nanak institutions had been working as a team since 1922. From 1925 onwards, Late Sardar Gian Singh Rai joined them and the trio continued to work together for a long period to see their dreams come true.



Owing to unprecedented socio-political developments of 1942, it seemed for a while that Sri Guru Singh Sabha won’t survive this shock. But with the collaboration of two major players Sardar Hukam Singh and Sardar Gian Singh Rai, Bhai Gobind Singh Pasricha reconstituted the old Guru Singh Sabha unit at Jalandhar, as was operative in Montgomery.
The first in the series of Montgomery Guru Nanak institutions, was MGN Girls Primary School near Adda Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar. This achievement was followed soon by establishing of two other schools – MGN Khalsa High school, Basti Bawa Khel, Jalandhar and MGN Khalsa High School at Jalandhar Cantt.
 Soon after making MGN a name, elevating it to greater heights in the field of Education, Bhai Gobind Singh Pasricha breathed his last on November 25, 1972, leaving behind him a rich heritage. With the passing away of this creative genius, the old management was replaced by the Montgomery Guru Nanak Educational Trust, Jalandhar.