Montgomery Guru Nanak College of Education prepares professional, creative and humane teachers.
To develop institutional ethos with a focus on vitalizing teaching-learning process, ICT, Human Values, Research & Innovation and functional relationship with all the stake holders for the holistic development of individual and society.
  • To systematize planning and delivery of instruction by means of preparation of academic calendar and course file inclusive of content outline, unit planning and lesson planning.


  • To equip the student teachers with requisite knowledge and competence to implement modern instructional strategies.
  • To evaluate learning outcomes of student teachers objectively.


  • To equip student teachers to cater to the diverse learning needs of the students.
  • To promote skills of handling educational media and encourage innovations in the use of educational technology.
  • To develop sense of self discipline and accountability among student teachers.
  • To develop scientific temper and provide training in scientific method.
  • To develop respect for democratic values among student teachers.


  • To sensitize student teachers towards social, environmental and health issues.
  • To strengthen Institution-School-Academia Community relationship.


  • To develop attitude of self-directed learning and training in empirical observation to facilitate research and innovation.

  • To develop dynamism in cultural understanding among student teachers for contextual transformation of cultural identity among young generation.


  • To develop  ICT competencies for effective integration in teaching learning and administration.