Celebration of International Yoga Day

NSS Unit of M.G.N. College of Education, Jalandhar celebrated International Yoga Day by organizing a yoga workshop. This workshop was conducted by Sh.Kamal Aggarwal, President, Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, Jalandhar. During the workshop, Sh.Kamal Aggarwal explained how our body functions and the role of Yoga asans in regulating the proper functioning of the body. During the workshop, he demonstrated Yogaasans like Tadasan, Bhujang asans, Trikon asan, Shav asan, Paschinrotan Asan to keep our body, stomach, kidneys and liver fit. For increasing the immunity of our body, he practised Bhramari Paranayam, Anulom-Vilom Paranayam and Bhastrika Pranayam. While addressing the problems of the students, he suggested the proper use of yoga to overcome problems like Blood pressure, cervical, Migrain, hair loss and weight loss.

All the students and Faculty members attended the workshop. On this occassion, Principal Mrs.Neelu Jhanji welcomed the guest. While addressing the students she motivated the would be teacher and faculty members to make yoga a daily routine. The event was hosted by Shelly Devi. Mrs.Gaganpreet Kaur organized the event. Amongst others, Dr.Radha Arora, Dr.Meharban Singh, Dr.Ravjeet Kaur, Dr.Pooja Bhardwaj, Dr.Seema Rani, Mrs.Shivani Gulati, Mrs.Geetanjali Mittu, Mrs.Sakshi Sharma, Mr.Maninder Pal Singh, Mrs.Jaspreet Kaur and Ms.Anju witnessed the event.

Posted on : 02 / Sep / 2022